Friday, August 28, 2009

Back at Home (August 28,2009)

I've been at home for a week now. After ten days on the road photographing Lincoln Historic sites in Indiana and Kentucky and attending my 39th Elderhostel program in Cincinnati, it is good to be home. As always I learned a great deal and took almost 1000 photos on my journey. Now that I'm home it's back to doing the more mundane, but necessary things that make up a shopping, lawn care, housecleaning, visiting, etc.

What else have I been doing since I returned home? In the past week, I've added a new Elderhostel: Cincinnati photo album to my webpage. Using ProShow Gold, I have prepared CDs with about 125 photos from my Cincinnati program. I will send one to any Cincinnati participant who would like one. On the CD I selected a few photos from each day's activity schedule. I hope that the CD with be a nice reminder of our experiences together in Cincinnati. On our last day, we had a banjo player who strummed "period songs" while relating tales from Cincinnati / Ohio River history. Following his performance, I bought one of his CDs and asked permission to use some of his songs as a background to my CD. He allowed me to do so.

A neighboring camera club asked me to serve as judge for a Nature Photography contest that they were having. They sent me about 80 images (70 digital and 10 photo slides). So in the next few days, I'll be dealing with those. I am also doing last minute adjustments for three slide (PowerPoint) shows that I will be doing in September for groups in the region. There will be one on Lincoln, one on the Everglades, and a new one on photographing wildlife in Cajun Country (Lafayette, Louisiana). I enjoy doing the shows. Being a former teacher, it allows me to "keep my connection" with the classroom (plus I often received some payment which I put in my granddaughter's college fund).

Which reminds me, I was able to spend a day with my granddaughter after returning. She lives about 120 miles from me, but that's close enough to get down there every couple of weeks.
The most beautiful granddaughter in the world!

Well, back to the "regular" life. Next different adventure? In late September, I'll be attending a Sante Fe Trail symposium in Arrow Rock, Missouri. I've traveled and photographed parts of that trail from Franklin, MO to just west of Council Grove, KS and have read a great deal about travelers on the trail. I want to learn even more about it. One of my goals is to eventually complete the trail.

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