Friday, August 14, 2009

Looking for Lincoln in Indiana

Drove to Vincennes, Indiana where the Lincoln family crossed the Wabash River when they moved to Illinois in 1830. Today on the Illinois side of the river is a memorial consisting of a statue of Lincoln as a young man walking in front of his family which are engraved in stone behind him. Also while in Vincennes, Lincoln met with Elihu Stout the publisher and printer of the Western Star newspaper; he toured the printing office. I toured a replica of that printing office as well.

I then drove to the Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial in Lincoln City, Indiana. At their Visitor Center I toured their museum and watched a video of "Lincoln in Indiana". I then began a one-mile walk which included a visit to the Pioneer Cemetery where Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln was buried following her death, a replica cabin and farm of the home where Lincoln lived from 1816-1830.

In nearby Gentryville, Indiana, I toured the home of Colonel William Jones. Colonel Jones was the first man to hire Lincoln as a storekeeper and bookkeeper and is given credit for stimulating his interest in politics in general and the Whig Party in particular. Lincoln stayed with Jones in 1844 when he returned to Indiana to campaign for Henry Clay for President.

I then drove to the Ohio River area. There I visited Rockport Landing where Lincoln and his friend Allen Gentry built and launched a flatboat full of good for his first trip to New Orleans.

I visited Troy, IN where it is believed that the Lincoln family entered Indiana from Kentucky in 1816. In addition Abe worked in Troy cutting and loading wood on steamboats, butchering hogs, and ferrying travelers across the Anderson River. I spent the night in Tell City, Indiana.

Tomorrow I go "Looking for Lincoln in Kentucky".

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