Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thursday and Friday in Cincinnati

Following breakfast on Thursday morning, Dan Hurley a local writer and television personality discussed the historic Ohio River flood of 1937. He used film clips and eyewitness accounts to help us understand the problems which occurred as the river rose to a level 80 feet higher than usual.

We then boarded our bus and drove the Rising Sun, Indiana, home to the Grand Victoria Casino and Resort on the Ohio. We enjoyed a wonderful buffet lunch and spent time shopping or having a brief gaming session in the casino. The food selection was diverse and delicious.
We then drove on to the riverside town of Rising Sun, Indiana (so named according to one version, when early settlers witnessed a beautful sunrise over the Kentucky Hills across the Ohio River). We went to the local Ohio County Historical Society Museum. When we arrived three members of the society allowed us to play "Liar's Club". Historic relics were displayed for all to see. Then each member described a "use" for the relic. Two descriptions were lies; one was factual...and we had to decide which. We then toured the museum including a room of record setting race boats built and raced by local resident J.W. Whitlock.

At the local riverside park, Dan, the museum director, related more stories on the history of Rising Sun and the Ohio River.

In downtown Rising Sun area, we visited "Harps on Main". This is a working shop where harps are manufactured. While there we heard samples of harp music from instruments made on sight and wandered through the facility. We then returned to our motel.

Following dinner at the motel we were taken to the Majestic Showboat on the Cincinnati waterfront. The "Majestic" is the last floating showboat in the nation.

Once seated inside the floating theater, we were treated to a performance of the black comedy, "Crimes of the Heart".

Friday morning was our last program. Our presenter was Banjo Bob Poe. Banjo Bob is a licensed riverboat captain and banjo player par excellence. He related stories of river history and his own personal stories about his experiences on riverboats as a musician. He was great.

We then had our traditional Elderhostel "closing ceremony" with closing comments, graduation certificates, and bittersweet good-byes. It was a great Elderhostel with a great group of participants from all over the nation. Thanks to Pauline, Barbara, Lorenzo and other volunteers for a great Elderhostel experience.

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