Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to the Mindmeld Musings Blog

Thanks for joining me for my first blog. I am a retired high school biology teacher who, following retirement, has pursued two new life and travel.

In 1995, I attended an Audubon Society camp at Bubois, Wyoming. While there I witnessed a photographic slide show of the wildlife and landscapes of the Wind River Country of Wyoming. I also learned of a non-profit organization called Elderhostel which organizes travel and educational trips around the world for those over age 55. When I returned to my home following the camp, I immediately began studying and learning about photography and contacted Elderhostel.

Fourteen years later I have a photography business called Mindmeld Photography. I write articles (with photos) for magazines and websites and present PowerPoint Slide shows on various topics to organizations.
Thus far I have had ten articles published in magazines or on websites, have 50 of my images published, and had made more than 140 presentations.

Much of my travel and photographic opportunities come from making auto trips to and from my Elderhostel destinations. On Thursday, I will leave for my 39th program which will be presented in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and will discuss the "History of the Ohio River and Steamboat Travel". In the 1800's, Cincinnati (along with Pittsburgh, PA and Louisville, KY) was a major site for building the steamboats which would be used on
rivers west of the Appalachian Mountains (including the Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers). While the program begins on Sunday, Aug. 16, I will leave on Thursday morning and will travel and photograph sites where Abraham Lincoln lived in Indiana and Kentucky before moving to Illinois.

Hopefully you will follow me as I go about "Looking for Lincoln" in Indiana and Kentucky.


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