Monday, January 18, 2010

First Wildlife Photo Trip to Florida in 2010

Today I began my first 2010 wildlife photography trip to Florida.
After visiting my granddaughter I drove from Collinsville, Illinois to Dothan, Alabama where I will spend tonight.

Tomorrow morning I will drive to south of Tallahassee, Florida to St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge and visit that area. I will drive through the refuge and also visit a salt water aquarium
in Panacea, Florida where I love to visit. If I am successful tomorrow, I will likely stay an extra day in the area before moving on to central Florida.

My next site will be Canoe Creek Road south of Kissimmee. A couple of years ago, I purchased a Bird Photo Guide for that region and until now haven't take the time to investigate the thirty-mile road. I hope to observe and photograph the Caracaras which frequent the area.

On Friday or Saturday I will move to Sanford, Florida where I will visit family and also visit
bird sites on Lake Monroe, Lake Woodruff NWR, and New Smyrna Beach Park.

On Tuesday of next week I will move to Titusville, Florida and participate in the 13th Annual Space Coast Birding Festival until Jan. 31. I was here last year and found it to be very educational and a source for many fine bird photographs.

Time permitting (and internet access permitting), I hope to update my blog as often as I am able. I hope you'll check back often.


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